Choosing the right LED Bulbs for your G&G lights

At G&G Bros, our lights are compatible with LED bulbs, reducing power consumption and offering a variety of colour and brightness options.

Generally, we recommend warm white for a more comforting atmosphere, but everyone has their own preferences. 

Choosing the right bulb can be a daunting experience. Our To help with selecting the right bulb, here is a handy reference table to determine brightness.

Lumens (Brightness) Incandescent Bulb LED Bulb
75-110 9 watts 1 watt
730-800 60 watts 7-9 watts
1380-1600 100 watts 12-14 watts
2000-2500 150 watts 20-23 watts

As an example, our Vienna Tiffany Pendant Light fitting is rated for maximum 60W, and when using LED bulbs you can get extremely bright results. Deciding on the right bulb all depends on the room you are placing in, and the role you intend this light to play in your lighting plan.


Vienna Pendant Light   Vienna Pendant Light

Here's an example of the Vienna Tiffany Pendant Light with two different globes.

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